Mutt's on Thirteenth, St. Cloud, Florida


Mutt's on 13th Logo

Mutt's on 13th has been a staple in the St. Cloud community for well over 13 years. Year after year, they have won "Best Burger in Osceola County". DK Bread Delivery is thankful to being partnered with Mutt's, delivering their kaiser potato burger buns for over 10 of those years.

With a prime location, Mutt's was built out from an old gas station and turned into the eye catching yellow and red burger stop that it is today. When you walk in, you see the checkered flooring, while being greeted by Betty Boop!

The personality of the Mutt's staff starts at their marquee as they always have a food related joke to brighten your day. Kathy and Alysa are at the front with smiles as they greet every customer before their order. Even Mike, the owner, has his office door open when he is in there. I have spent time in his office collecting checks or just chatting, and his customers will stick their head in just to say, "Hi!" It is certainly a unique, and friendly community surrounding Mutt's on 13th.

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Best Burger of Osceola County

Winning "Best Burger" consistently is no coincidence. Mike weighs and shapes each patty by hand, using fresh beef before each day begins. He also created his own seasoning and sauces to add to the burgers. I have been in the kitchen, able to watch as they not only hand make each patty for the burgers and patty melts, but they also prep fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and fries cut straight from the potatoes they peel. Quality is a priority for Mike and Mutt's. As Burger Beast says,

"Burger and bacon meet toasted bun and melted cheese; it was the equivalent of a groom and his soon-to-be wife consummating their relationship after their vows."


Not only do they have delicious burgers, but they have also been voted "Best Hotdog" in years passed. When ordering a hotdog, you can get it grilled or deep fried! Talk about tasty choices. If just a hotdog is not enough, you can also treat yourself to a corndog or Italian sausage.

And More!

There is plenty to choose from while at Mutt's on 13th, but a sweet treat is always worth stopping for. They keep a freezer full of 12 different flavors of ice cream. I like to get a spoonful of Captain's Chocolate while I take a 5 minute break from delivering, but you can also get the ice cream as a dessert after a wonderful meal. You may also choose to have "Mutt's Famous Milkshakes" and choose which flavor goes into your shake. Whichever you choose, you will not regret it!

Tasty Burger and Fries, Photo from Mutt's on 13th Facebook


As I said at the beginning, DK Bread Delivery has partnered with Mutt's on 13th for their St. Cloud bread delivery for over 10 years. Mike and I have a great relationship, while we both root for the Penguins, and talk about working out, and many other ideas over the years. This is what Mutt's had to say about me, and DK Bread Delivery:

"Daniel and DK Bread Delivery are one of our longest running relationships with a distributor. His service and products are top notch. Customer Service is such a big part of the food service industry and with DK you get the best. Josh has been a great addition that has helped DK get even better. We have used DK for ten years and plan on using him for a long time to come."