About DK Bread Delivery


At DK Bread Delivery LLC, our mission is to be the cornerstone of culinary excellence in Central Florida's thriving restaurant scene. We are committed to providing top-tier, freshly baked bread products that elevate the dining experience of our valued clients. Through our dedication to quality, efficiency, and exceptional service, we aim to forge enduring partnerships, ensuring that every restaurant, deli, market, and food truck we serve can rely on us as their trusted bread distributor.

Bread Distributors Cuban Loaf


DK Bread Delivery, LLC., a small business operating within the vibrant Central Florida community since its inception in November 2013, exemplifies a remarkable journey of growth and success. For nearly a decade, DK Bread Delivery was a sole proprietorship efficiently managed by Daniel Kelley (DK). A testament to the company's commitment to excellence, DK recently embarked on an expansion initiative, marked by adding an essential member to the team and the acquisition of a second bread delivery truck. This move has paved the way for the company to introduce a team of dedicated employees responsible for seamless deliveries, while DK strategically assumes the role of spearheading sales and fostering valuable client relationships. The company's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service has earned them an esteemed reputation in the industry.

Owner of DK Bread Delivery, Bread Distributors, Daniel Kelley

In December 2023, DK Bread Delivery welcomed the addition of Andre' Scott, a hard-working professional whose contributions have been integral to the company's continued success and growth! He demonstrates dedication in his duties, and he goes above and beyond for DK as well as the customers. Andre covers the prominent regions of Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Lake Nona. He brings to the table professional CDL flatbed driving experience. Also, he is a former athlete at Marshall University and has training and experience in OSHA with 30 qualifications!

Driver on Route 1 for DK Bread Delivery, Andre Scott