Wholesale Bakeries in Florida

Are you a restaurant owner or kitchen manager in the vibrant culinary landscape of the Sunshine State? If so, you are already well aware of the crucial role that freshly baked breads play in tantalizing your customers' taste buds. And here is where we come into the picture: Welcome to the world of Wholesale Bakeries in Florida! I am DK of DK Bread Delivery, your local Independent Bakery Distributor, and I am thrilled to introduce you to the mouthwatering wonders of Village Bread and Bagel, a wholesale bread bakery like no other.

Bakery Oven, Fresh Baked Loaves of Bread

Crucial Ingredient For A Memorable Dining Experience

Wholesale bread from a reputable Italian bakery ensures a consistent level of quality. This reliability is essential for maintaining the standards of your restaurant, as customers expect the same delicious taste and texture every time they visit.

Sourcing products from a Florida wholesale bread bakery saves valuable time and labor in the kitchen. You can focus your resources on crafting exceptional dishes while leaving the bread production to the experts.

Village Bakery wholesale products typically offer a wide range of bread varieties, from classic baguettes and rustic sourdough to specialty options like ciabatta or artisanal bread. They also prioritize freshness with daily baked products ensuring customers receive bread that is at its peak flavor and texture.

Village Bread and Bagel

Village bread and Bagel Wholesale Bakery in Florida

Village Bread is a wholesale bakery in Florida, devoted to freshness all over the state, and into parts of Georgia. They began as just a small bakery, selling products to the local community from their front door. Word spread, and now they partner with distributors all over the state of Florida, and create lasting relationships with restaurants, hotels, food trucks, and other food establishments! Village Bread uses only the top ingredients that are natural and wholesome, and also Non-GMO.

Marble Rye Basket Bread

Fresh Pita Bread - Village Bread and Bagel

Kaiser Rolls - Village Bread and Bagel


This wholesale bread bakery produces a wide variety of products. Baked fresh daily, orders go in, product is baked to order, packaged, and delivered to your restaurant the next morning!

seperator  If you are a sub shop, the 12" Hoagie pan would be a great foundation for a Philly Cheesesteak.

seperator  The Kaiser potato with egg wash has a sweet and savory flavor to help create the perfect juicy cheeseburger.

seperator  Are you making a gyro? Village bread makes 8", 9" and 11" Pita in white or wheat! They also have packs of mini pita, which are about 5".

seperator  We cannot forget their bagels. Whether you just want a cream cheese spread, or a warm breakfast sandwich, their large bagels are great. They come in many flavors: plain, everything, blueberry, cheese, poppy, onion, and more.

They have a large number of options to choose from, no matter what type of cuisine you serve in your Florida kitchen.

Partners with Distributors

Village Bread partners with bread wholesale suppliers, such as DK Bread Delivery. I have been a bread distributor since 2013, and switched over to using Village Bread and Bagel in 2018. The quality, the freshness, the service, and the desire to improve were huge factors in choosing Village as my wholesale bakery in Florida to partner with. I remember hearing one of my customers saying shortly after the switch, "Why did we not switch sooner?"

When slicing open a hoagie roll, you can feel the soft texture of high quality ingredients.

The smell of fresh bread permeates through my delivery truck even while I travel many miles on my route.

Sometimes I make an ordering mistake, or sometimes the bakery gives me plain Kaisers when I ordered potato, but they always find a way to fix the issue and keep our customers happy!

They will ask us distributors for suggestions. The owner himself will call us to get our input, and find any way that he can help us as we help him.

Owner Daniel with distributors truck - DK Bread Delivery

Driver Josh with distributors truck - DK Bread Delivery

Why Use Distributors?

Bread distributors such as myself focus on the personal needs of our customers. We make sure owners and managers get what they need in their kitchens, from exploring all the options on the menu, to ordering, delivery, and satisfaction.

We want the wholesale bakery to do what they do best, which is baking a fresh quality product. And we want kitchens to do what they do best, by putting together a great tasting meal of top notch meats, vegetables, spices and other ingredients.

Partnership between wholesale bakeries and bread distributors

Village Bread and Bagel uses distributors so they do not have to focus on the logistics of delivering to many stops. They let us handle the personal relationships and delivery of bread with owners and managers of all types of food establishments. Occasionally though, Village will handle in house accounts where they handle the ordering and payments and they let us just deliver to the restaurant. This alliance helps all of us to be well rounded in all aspects of the delivery of fresh bread products.

In the bustling world of Florida's restaurant industry, the role of freshly baked bread is undeniable. As an Independent Bread Distributor, I've had the pleasure of partnering with Village Bread, a wholesale bakery that takes this culinary cornerstone to new heights. Their unwavering commitment to quality, freshness, and diverse product offerings makes them the breadwinner for countless restaurants, hotels, food trucks, and more across the state.

Village Bread Jacksonville, Florida - logoVillage Bread's dedication to partnering with distributors like me has only reinforced their reputation as a top-tier bread bakery. The aroma of their bread, the texture of their hoagie rolls, and the satisfaction of our shared customers all speak volumes. This partnership isn't just about bread; it's about allowing each of us to excel in our respective roles, ultimately contributing to the creation of exceptional dining experiences in Florida. So, whether you're making a Philly Cheesesteak, a juicy cheeseburger, or a warm breakfast sandwich, remember that the freshness and quality of your bread come together through the incredible collaboration between Village Bread and distributors like DK Bread Delivery. Don't wait to make the switch – experience the difference that Village Bread can bring to your restaurant, and discover why we say, "Why did we not switch sooner?" It's more than bread; it's a recipe for culinary success!

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